Nest Benefactress Clutch Wristlette

by rosedeniz

Now available exclusively through Nest, the Benefactress Clutch Wristlette. Lush, retro-inspired magenta, lavender and citrus floral-print fabric and striking aquamarine stone adorn the Benefactress clutch wristlette. Tucked under your arm or draped from your wrist, the Benefactress has soft gathered corners and a sweet center gather from which suspends the lovingly made aquamarine charm. Wrist strap and interior are robin’s egg Nest blue. With a sturdy zipper closure and measuring 6.3” x 9.4”, the Benefactress is the perfect clutch to hold your most precious jewel-like items.

In collaboration with Nest, we will be the first recipients of their micro-loan made available to women in developing countries who are building their own art and craft based businesses, and who would not have the opportunity to flourish in their craft without support. The micro-loan will provide my seamstresses and jewelry designer the opportunity to do such a thing, and we are excited to design exclusive items for Nest that will be available globally.

To read more about Nest’s global vision, particpating designers and to shop for beautifully crafted items, please read my previous post on Rose Deniz and visit Nest’s home page.

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