Turquoise Summer

by rosedeniz

Just when I think my favorite color will be replaced (by a bright spring green or citrus) this impromptu little still life happened. It makes me think of my three summers in Turkey (so far), the way the light reflects off the sea, the bright warm sun, etc…

The tiles in this photo are from Iznik, a city famous for its tile work in Turkey. The tiles have a historical legacy in Turkey. Handpainted tiles are still sought after too, and when visiting palaces, mosques or other public places, Iznik tiles can be seen everywhere in Turkey. We bought these tiles in February of 2005, three months before Devrim and I got married. They were the first purchase we made for our home, and after buying them, they sat in our closet for nearly two more years. One day I came home to a gorgeous surprise in my living room… Devrim had the tiles made into a table top, based on a design we sketched out two years before. I love the bright contrast of turquoise and red, the flowers an abstract tulip design, and the line work an intricate web.

On the table:
Handmade turquoise necklace by Meral Tuncer
Beautiful cardinal locket by Parlour Boutique
A turquoise ring from Cappadoccia, a gift from Devrim
Polka dot headband from Boncuk Dunyasi (Bead World) in Izmit, 3ytl ($2.50)!

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