Nazar and the broken mirrors, and other such superstitions

by rosedeniz

Today I had to seriously clean out our apartment because we had a bad case of nazar (for those of you who don’t live in daily contact with the blue evil eye beads that ward us of danger in Turkey). I saged and nazared and whatever else one has to do to bring in good energy because…! First Devrim broke a water glass, then Topi broke our bedroom lamp, and today I broke (sadly) a Sephora compact mirror.

In my online search for techniques to rid one’s home of the evil eye, I stumpled upon some funny truths posted by a contributor to Selam Turkey. You know you’ve been in Turkey too much (or rather for me… You know you’ve lived in Turkey too long) when:
-You think it’s natural to ‘close’ a light, or to have your phone ‘closed’
-You have a cupboard full of dried up Apple Tea that has only been used once
-You would not dream of eating Turkish Delight from you own country
-You call tea: çay
-You call minibuses: the dolmuş
-You call a kebab: a kebap
-You have to suppress the urge to haggle in your shops back home
‘Til next time, here’s a little blue bead to keep y’all safe and sound from the evil eye… or you can buy one from ebay in 14 carat gold!

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