Beyaz sayfa

by rosedeniz

Beyaz sayfa in Turkish suggests a new life, or fresh start. And thanks to my ignorance and haste in making my new website go live, my previous blog photos are officially gone because I didn’t save my content. So live and learn, and start again. I’m almost cheerful about it because I admit I haven’t put nearly enough into this blog, so this is a good opportunity to embolden my writing and really speak my mind about all things design, global, domestic, etc. Um, or, if not actually attracting new readers through grand proclamations, at the least I’ll share more than news and press because that is all on my website now.

Above are a two favorite pages from Martha Stewart May 2008. Reading magazines after they are off the newsstand relieves me from the pressure of keeping up with trends, and rather allows me to select things that speak to me beyond the impulse to keep up with fashion, both in home decor and clothing. Living in Turkey allows me the luxury to filter the Western lens as I see fit. Lately I’ve wanted yellow, more yellow, and on the walls, in bedding, and in artwork. In fact, this is my screensaver now, from Metremade:

It’s deep ochre yellow is calming during my daily scramble to read everything emailed to me, including all the things I’ve signed up for and regretted (but don’t take the time to remove myself from the mailing list), and work on my projects, too. Thank heavens for yellow, though at one time I did hear that most spousal arguments occur in rooms that are yellow, typically a kitchen. Though I won’t be repainting our rental apt. kitchen right now, I am toying with the idea of one day painting our future house’s kitchen in some kind of yellow. But for now the house is still a dream and the while the color of the kitchen should be the least of my concerns, I always think color first, practicality second.

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