Apartment 9

by rosedeniz

Continuing my pre-renovation saga of apartment 9, blok 32, yesterday’s hunt for tile led me away from my original choices from Seramiksan to much more muted colors and patterns. It was surprising how much I didn’t like. And many of the decorative pieces I had looked at online were either much too large or too small. Those wonderful tiny orange flowers from my last post? 12″ x 23″ a tile… not so small.

In the end, we found several things we like from Ege Seramik and one kind of wallpaper tile has two versions that I just love, so I’ll use one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. This particular tile has the most translucent of floral patterns that runs from top to bottom, and a kind of wash that resembles watercolor paint. I love a sharp, clear pattern or color, but with the tuquoise in the kitchen, I think the backsplash should be less noisy.

And as for the bathroom (first picture posted), the white wallpaper tile has just the perfect hint of pink to be flattering to all skin tones but not too all-over pink. Here’s an example, below, courtesy of Ege Seramik’s catalog, of how the blue wallpaper tile could be used with their borders, along with a flat pink tile we won’t use:
I’m not crazy about this model bathroom, but the pattern in the wallpaper tile can be seen more easily than in my thumbnails. We are planning to avoid borders at all and just lay flat tile (these are big, anyway, the aforementioned 12″ x 23″).

For the floor, we found a subtle natural-stone beige and green tile that will be used in the bathroom, and entry/kitchen, respectively. The runner up is a teak-looking tile in strips that is very cool. It gets installed like a wood floor in planks. That is if we finish our discussion about if we should change the current tile at all… we both want to, but the current floor tile is functional (just very very boring) and leaving it would save us some money. We’ll see about that later, for now I’ll just imagine a cool green floor every time I walk in the door!
I took many Before pictures of the apartment today, but I’m not going to post any until we start doing some work in there, which will hopefully happen this week!

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