Anna Maria

by rosedeniz

This Radiant Pillow ($84) is exactly what I need on a rainy Sunday evening like tonight. The beautiful bursts of pink and yellow feel both warm and cozy and energetic at the same time. Likewise, the Eccentric Warm Studio Half Stack of fabrics is absolutely delicious. I love the names Anna Maria has chosen for her fabrics… they feel are descriptive and personal at the same time.

Fascinated by Anna Maria Horner’s line of fabrics and home goods, I read about her eagerly and discovered that she “grew up in a house full of her dad’s paintings and with a closet full of her mom’s handi-work. Beds were warmed by the hand-loomed wool blankets sent by her grandmother from Greece.” And that she is a mother of five. 5! I want to give her a medal. But this also confirms to me that motherhood is a most excellent device for creativity. And perhaps, like me, she shares the feeling that being pregnant and having children can give an almost instant creative buzz. While managing it all is challenging, I would never say having a child prohibited me from doing my most meaningful and important work. In fact, it has facilitated more ideas and possible ways of working than I can remember before having babies.

Her studio is amazing, too, as can be seen above.

Thank you, Catherine, for sending me a link to her fabric!

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