Apartment 9 In Progress

by rosedeniz

I might not surface for a few days because we are moving this weekend, so there is no better time to show you just what we’ve been up to in our new apartment. It’s 10pm and I’m exhausted but can’t sleep properly, and during the daytime I’m making mental lists, real lists, and running back and forth between our rental and our new place. The thing is, it’s still not done. So many little things to do, and I had NO IDEA that getting something installed, painted, sawed, drilled, laid, fitted, meant that it still wouldn’t be done. Knicks on the walls? Check. Holes where there shouldn’t be? Check. Misaligned cabinet pulls? Check. But the point is, as my dear sweet husband keeps trying to tell me daily, is that none of those things prevent us moving in this weekend.

So moving we are, and one minute I am so happy, the next ready for a hankie. Or a drink. But we are pleased, I am pleased, and the colors in our new place make me so happy. We transformed this place from its economic/ecological cement ground up, and I’m almost willing to throw out our possessions and just sit on floor cushions so we can admire the straight walls and non-20-year-old-carpet tiles.

There is still packing/straightening to be done, so that is what I should be doing right now. But after seeing the kitchen installed today and the toilets hooked up, I’m feeling generous and optimistic that somehow it will all work out. I may not have the internet for anywhere from a day to a week, so hopefully I’ll come back with some AFTER, if there ever is….

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