Kiln Party

by rosedeniz

Yesterday we enjoyed a delightful party celebrating Zeynep and Meryem’s new kiln that Nest helped them buy using a micro-loan. It was so exciting to see the first things that came out of the kiln. We all got interviewed by the local Golcuk newspapers, and I did my best in Turkish, and later were filmed by a Turkish-Dutch couple who are doing a documentary on the area. 10 years ago they came to Golcuk after the 1999 earthquake and followed 6 families after the disaster. Now they are back to follow up and see the changes. I am happy that Zeynep and Meryem are contributing to the resurgence of the area. They were so comfortable in front of the camera, and I felt all nervous and bouncy, with Lina on my shoulder falling asleep.

Way in the back of the photo you can see a bright blue square, and that is the kiln. In front of it is a red ribbon that we cut, as is traditional here, when a new shop (or in this case, a big item like a kiln) opens or is celebrated for the first time. We cut the ribbon with scissors embellished with The Knit Box beads.

I know that I must also post photos of our apartment now that we are moved in and mostly settled. But without art on the walls, I don’t want to do it just yet. I may be posting less in the next three weeks as I’m going home to visit my family for an early Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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