So long, farewell

by rosedeniz

Now, more than ever before, do we get the opportunity to reflect on how interconnected everything is. When one thing slips, everything tumbles. Sorry for the cliche visual. This came home to me yesterday when reading twitters and tweets and blog posts about Domino folding. I mean, I know that the milk I buy supports the farmers who produce it, and the produce I buy from the bazaar allows farmers to plant more. This year, more than ever I’ve said my prayers countless times thankful that I have healthy food to eat. But somehow, the idea of Domino disappearing has hung over me the last two days. It makes me grumpy. I was so excited last summer when I was able to get an international subscription, and it started showing up in my tiny mailbox. What will take Domino’s place? In this (cringe) economic state, will anything? My guess is that we have been slowly taking over its role by blogging about shelter and interiors, as House Obsession said yesterday.

Like Sassy, Jane, and Raygun (I miss Raygun!)*… my first introduction to how hip and consumable font and graphic design can be, Domino will have its vigil. Should have kept those back issues.

*I mean, come on, who didn’t love a magazine that had Iggy Pop, Jamiroquai, Rage Against the Machine, Kiss, and Liz Phair covers with nearly unreadable font? Images taken from David Carson’s design website, once designer for Raygun.

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