The calm and the storm

by rosedeniz

The calm

I’ve been back in Turkey for two weeks, and now that it is September 1st (my favorite month because psst… it’s my birthday month! and because I’ve never lost the thrill of fall and the start of school) I’m back in full swing after taking my sweet old time. Which means I’m skipping the part about being calm and stress-free and going straight to fried and edgy.

The storm

The big news this week is that Topi has started “school” and with that comes a real routine! For the first time in three years! Lina will stay home with me, and we’ll work something out, but I’ll still be working while she naps and when I can bribe her to play independently after she wakes up.

This morning, when it hit me that I’m back where I started regarding the stress of juggling two kids while working at home, I thought of the three Escape Tactics I use to deal with it all: reading, stitching, and cleaning (but how come my house is never clean?). I’m determined to finish Lina’s birth record before she is 2, so I picked this up again while my living room swirled with two little kids swinging from the pipes and using the phone cord as a jump rope (yes, we have a phone with a cord because Topi destroyed our cordless two years ago. I’m not going to replace it until they are both 10 years old). And now I’m going to pick up my embroidery floss off the floor.

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