Coiffed. Are You?

by rosedeniz

I was 21. A junior in college. Living across the street from the Thai restaurant that gave me and my roommates indigestion. In our tiny linoleum-floored bathroom, I found my first gray.

Where were you?

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  • Victoria

    In a specialty store bathroom brooding over a torn heart, a patch of gray burst out over night. I was 23.

     I let my gray grow out last year, but I was a morbid beast. Once I hit up the Ultress, my mood improved. Good enough for now. I Love your new look, Rose. :)

    • Rose Deniz

      Amen to the box of instant mood booster (or salon treatment)!

  • Charlie

    Your new hair style is fabulous !  Wish I had lots of hair.  My hair is very short and very fine.  I was in my late  30s when I found my first grey.  I was in my bathroom at home.   I was looking at myself in the mirror and the sun shone through at such an angle that I caught sight of it…. yes that first grey hair.  It is what it is and I now color my hair blonde so you can’t see it too much :)

    • Rose Deniz

      Thanks, Charlie! I had a feeling most women would remember their first gray. It becomes a full-blown moment, not just something in passing. Stops time, really, but then you’re right, it is what it is, and you move on.

      • Rose Deniz

        p.s. my hair is actually quite fine. It’s just that I *had* a lot of it, until two babies later. I love a pixie cut, by the way, Charlie — every few years I get a pixie cut and let it grow out again.

  • Anastasia

    it was my 26th birthday. still don’t have a full head of gray but was just thinking the other day about exploring the silvery-brown options, as a transition to all-silver. have seen a minky silver brown on some women and it looks good. all about finding the right shade for my skin tone. want to do it, not be a 50 year old with fully dyed brown hair (not there yet, gotta plan ahead). must.find.brilliant.colorist.

    how would silver streaky highlights all the way through look? hmmm

    • Rose Deniz

      Love the idea of that “minky silver brown.” Something more natural than stark, otherwise when roots come in, it’s a shock. Let me know when you find that brilliant colorist!

  • Judith van Praag

    Rose, Love, If my notebooks of the past were synchronized and digital, I could type: grey, gray “grey hair” and I could see when that first stray appeared. As is, I can’t remember. But I do know I suddenly had a grey lock, overnight where I live now, in Seattle.

    • Rose Deniz

      My garden of gray keeps growing. Thanks for sharing, Judith! I’m not sure I ever wrote it down.

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