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by rosedeniz

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I’ve been an undercover blogger the last few months, with a couple guest posts, and a whole lot of manuscript first drafting going on.

Writing up an Appetite, Wisconsin Writers in the Kitchen, kindly asked me to spill the beans on my cross-cultural adventures in food in Turkey in February. It starts with a food cart in Madison, Wisconsin, and ends up my turquoise-painted kitchen. Thank you Lisa, Christi, and Victoria!

Pass the baklava, it’s time for tea


An evergreen topic in our household, Creative Chaos: Surviving as a Mother-Writer on Story of Mum is from back in September. Don’t know about you, but I have yet to find that the subject of parenting while writing or creating ever gets old. It is a constant evolution, of hair pulling and time-scrounging during nap times. Thank you,  Pippa and Penny Best!

Where have you been playing undercover these days?


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