Happy Bookiversary, WIP!

by rosedeniz

Try telling a group of ladies at a park in Turkey that you are a writer.

Like the park you take your kids to every day. Tell them that you had a good writing day. 2k words! Sublimeness. Check out the blank stares. Revel in the way they dart their eyes side to side.

Love the: “Are you working?” automaton question I get All. The. Time.

“Yes, I am a writer.”


“Oh, and do you have a job?”

That question, my friends, requires a lot of deep breathing. Daily yoga. And a smile.

Butyouknowwhat? Here’s the truth?

I feel deep gratitude that I get to answer that question the same way. Every day.

“Yes, I am writing a book.” Oh, giddiness that I get to say those words. Cheers to slow, hard work. And showing up every day.

Happy 2-Year Bookiversary, WIP!

I *heart* you.

Love, Rose

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