Voice and Vogue

by rosedeniz May 29, 2012 reading
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Will my little astronaut one day want to read Teen Vogue? And if so, will I want to borrow it?

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How art concepts apply to writing

by rosedeniz December 16, 2010 art
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Tweet I remember piling into my intro art and design classes with other sleepy-eyed freshmen to learn how to draw, paint, and critique. We were taught how to see and to talk about a piece objectively, not just what we liked or disliked. We talked about craft and attention to detail. When it came to subjectivity, we […]

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Shaped by what we don’t remember

by rosedeniz September 22, 2010 reading

Tweet It’s that time of year again, for longing for distant things, the crunch of leaves under my feet, for waking up a little chilly in the morning and hoping for rain. Torino, Italy It’s that time of year to be quiet and studious and read good books. In the last two weeks I’ve read The […]

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Summer stories

by rosedeniz July 8, 2010 nesting

Tweet In the maroon recliner in our living room with the overhead fan whirling, I read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn And Maggie-Now every summer until we moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota. My reading grew to include contraband paperbacks I hid behind bookshelves and the now defunct Sassy magazine.  My first summer in Turkey I read everything by Jane Austen. I measured […]

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While she sleeps

by rosedeniz September 5, 2009 reading

Tweet Is there anything wrong about eating potato chips, a fried egg, and plain rice for breakfast? Blame in on my flu, but in combination together, it just tasted wonderful. I was able to tolerate a cup of medium strength coffee (yesterday was weak, and may have accounted for my headache later), and feel much […]

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So long, farewell

by rosedeniz January 29, 2009 design

Tweet Now, more than ever before, do we get the opportunity to reflect on how interconnected everything is. When one thing slips, everything tumbles. Sorry for the cliche visual. This came home to me yesterday when reading twitters and tweets and blog posts about Domino folding. I mean, I know that the milk I buy […]

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The Corrections

by rosedeniz January 5, 2009 reading

Tweet The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen My review rating: 4 of 5 starsI want to give it a 3 star, but I can’t because it is much better than that, and the book knows it. But I can’t give it 5, either, because it annoyed me so much the whole time I read it. Sort […]

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Emily Dickinson

by rosedeniz September 25, 2008 reading

Tweet The Emily Dickinson silk scarf? Want it now ($35). Perhaps better in concept than reality, though – the design feels a little clunky and tries too hard to be readable. But still, I want to be swathed in the words of Emily this fall, from

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On my nightstand

by rosedeniz September 18, 2008 nesting

Tweet I’m not procrastinating, I’m willfully ignoring the fact I’m over-committed. So rather than dwell on it, I played around with my super state-of-the-art four year old digital camera and took overexposed and blurry photos of my nightstand and studio. Exciting! On my nightstand: Imagining the Turkish House: Collective Visions of Home, by Carel Bertram, […]

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