Diary of a (Now) Agented #Writer: a timeline

by rosedeniz April 23, 2016 books

Tweet Summer, 1986: Age 8. Beat-up maroon rocking chair, yellow legal pad. Perfect handwriting giving way to messy scrawls. Perfectionist in me balks. Crumples up paper and throws onto the living room floor. Stories about horses and girl-run candy shops never see the light of day. Spring, 1990. Spelling bee runner-up. Loses to ‘sciscors’. I mean, […]

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Undiscovered Voices Longlist

by rosedeniz December 21, 2013 art
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An excerpt of my novel TRACKED has been longlisted for the Undiscovered Voices 2014 contest.

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Humming and hermits and big washes of color

by rosedeniz December 21, 2012 creativity
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For the first time in my life, I show up late to things, dawdle when I am supposed to run out the door, and let people do stuff for me – you know, like help.

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Happy Bookiversary, WIP!

by rosedeniz August 1, 2012 writing

Try telling a group of ladies at a park in Turkey that you are a writer.

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Voice and Vogue

by rosedeniz May 29, 2012 reading
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Will my little astronaut one day want to read Teen Vogue? And if so, will I want to borrow it?

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Dress code for first draft success

by rosedeniz March 21, 2012 books
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This is my new, totally improved, and uber-fabulous writer look.

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Undercover blogger

by rosedeniz March 19, 2012 guest blogging
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Going undercover. Guest post round up.

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A Quiet Day {Soul Compass #ayearwithmyself Prompt}

by rosedeniz January 9, 2012 creativity
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Where do you find your soul’s compass? Goddess Leonie asks on #AYearWithMyself. This is my answer. {Photo: Pinterest Kelley Pye-Dancer}

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by rosedeniz September 21, 2011 writing
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Why I’m scrapping labels until I can rebuild a blogging voice that I love and can stand behind and share with joy and confidence.

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