The Art is Dialogue conversation stream is about stories, hybrid identity, and redefining art. Short fiction. Interviews.  Roundtable discussions. Artists. Writers. Creative thinkers imagining the world in new configurations. Tune in to the catalog of conversations below. Send me a note if you’d like to join me in an Art is Dialogue convo!

1/2011 The Bird Sisters: Author Rebecca Rasmussen on writing, mothering, running, and Wisconsin

For me the book couldn’t have ever happened without Wisconsin.  It’s just so irrevocably tied to Wisconsin; this is not something that could take place in even Illinois, or Iowa, or Michigan.  It’s so tied into the tapping into of memories and what the land means to me, trying to figure out through those memories my attachment to that place. Yes, absolutely, what essentially always comes first [for me] with the book, is the place.

I have a lot of friends who are really talented writers and who gave up because it got a little tough with publishing and things like that and [they] didn’t power through.  I kept wanting to grab them and say, “Keep going! Get on your hands with me, just crawl with me.“ – Rebecca Rasmussen, author of The Bird Sisters

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12/19/2010  Maggie Sutrov on Creativity, Storytelling, and Sharing

First of all, you talk to any five-year-old, they know they’re an artist. They know they can dance. They’ll draw you a picture right then and there. It’s in us all and it’s been in all of us since human beings first started gathering together and telling stories and first started drawing on cave walls. It goes back 30,000 years, 40,000 years that date remnants of drawings in Australia – Maggie Sutrov

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2/28/2010  Dialogue2010: Roundtable Conversation

Dialogue2010 : a live conversation between 9 cultural innovators on art, culture, and hybrid identity on February 28, 2010 facilitated by Rose Deniz and hosted by expat+HAREM. Inspired by Rose’s post on “Mapping the Imagination” at expat+HAREM, our conversation created a living definition of hybrid identity and how one’s worldview literally shifts as a result of location.

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