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THE EVOLUTION OF YOU AND ME, FinalistUndiscovered Voices 2016.

50 FIRST DATES meets THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE when childhood sweethearts Pree and Kenner are pulled into a series of alternate dimensions as strangers, each one more dangerous than the last. In THE EVOLUTION OF YOU AND ME, the seventeen-year-olds must rediscover their love for each other before the final portal they get sucked into closes for good, separating them from their planet and each other forever.

(Download the gorgeous blue anthology including 12 amazing writers and 9 fantastic illustrators.)

TRACKED, Honorable Mention, Undiscovered Voices 2014

In young adult sci-fi thriller THE FADES, seventeen-year-old Merilee must choose between two identities and two boys from two very different worlds, if she is not caught by The Alliance of Global Security for leading a double life. Longlisted for Undiscovered Voices 2014 under the title TRACKED, the book received an honorable mention. Thank you to SCBWI BI and Working Partners for their dedication to sharing fresh new work and for helping unagented and unpublished writers get noticed.


Short Fiction

The Mercy Troupers, Escape Into Life, June 2010



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