Creative Services Pricing Schedule

Content Creation
  • Logo $685 / Includes 3 concepts, final, multiple file formats
  • Illustrations: small (spot or website) $225 / medium (half page) $575 / large (full page) $865. Includes sketch, final, original, and touch up of final
  • Brochure $625
  • Letterhead (using existing logo) $125
  • Letterhead plus new logo $500
  • Menu $435
  • Book Cover $1625
  • Banner $425
  • Widget set (set of five) $525
  • Photography / Photo Shoot (hourly $75) / Photo editing (hourly $75) / Transportation (variable)
  • Font and color family profile $175
Project Review $185
  • personalized feedback on first-impression stuff: what people see when they first look at your product, website, or portfolio
  • next-step tactics: what you can do next to tweak and or boost up your image
  • eye-candy how-to’s: tips on satiating your visitors’ and clients’ visual sweet tooth with content that makes them addicted
  • getting people to the good stuff: navigation and accessibility feedback for your project on how to direct collectors, customers, and clients to the right place so your work shines
  • resource sharing: referrals to trusted people in social media, coaching, and business devlopment if you are not a DIY kind of person
The Whole Package $5,235
  • Project Review $185
  • Logo $685
  • Font and color family profile $175
  • 5 illustrations $2,875
  • Letterhead $125
  • Web banner $425
  • Widget (set of five) $525
  • Photo editing (2hrs) $225

Blog Integration. I *can* set up your groovy new visual image on a customized WordPress Thesis Theme blog for $1,250. I did, after all, design my own. However, making stuff, designing stuff, and making you look your very best is what I do best, and there are some fantastic pros out there that I would be happy to recommend to you for setup, streamlining, and SEO for your blog or website. Read on if you want to work with me one-on-one to set up your blog. Alternatively, you can hire me by the hour (below) to give your blog some TLC:

  • WordPress Thesis Theme blog integration using logo, illustrations, web banner, widgets $1,250
  • Referrals to web hosts, domain name hosting, resources to update blog yourself, SEO kings/queens
  • Does not include: web host, domain name, updates, SEO

Unlimited access to me to refine, tweak, update, or set up your blog ($95 an hour)

Dreaming up something that’s not on this list? Let me customize something for you that meets your needs. Check out my creative services pricing schedule or contact me below. Be sure to check out my full illustration and graphic design portfolios for more visual goodies!

Seriously in need of visual direction but in a crash crunch? Contact me and set your price. Be upfront. Forthright. I’ll honor one lucky person a month with visual direction for a pay-your-way single project review.

Terms + Conditions:

30% down, remainder at completion

Affiliates and referrals will be disclosed as necessary. Hourly rates are subject to being applied should a project change from its original agreement.

Paypal is the most trusted way I know to receive payment. Email me to being our amiable agreement to work together. I will send you a request for payment.

All inquiries should be directed to

{prices current as of 6/2011}